With Australia's economy just posting its equal-best quarter of growth in 46 years, the economy is now 3.4 per cent bigger than it was before the pandemic. The borders are firmly open and as Australia rises from the pandemic ashes, we are seeing the confidence in international travel returning, particularly among overseas trained doctors.

Many Senior International Medical Graduates are now making the move to Australia to commence very attractive employment opportunities so there could be no better time for UK and USA Specialists interested in making the move to Australia to reach out and chat to the International Doctors Team here at Charterhouse Medical about your next career move abroad. Whether you are looking to relocate on a permanent basis, or something more short term i.e., 12 months, you’ll find an abundance of suitable opportunities across the country.

Health Workforce Australia recently undertook a comprehensive assessment of the supply and future demand of medical specialists and found that the nation faced a critical shortage of around 450 Psychiatrists by the year 2025, and by 2030 researchers project predicts a shortfall of 9,298 full-time GPs which is 24.7% of the GP workforce. It’s worth noting that similar opportunities also exist in a number of other doctor specialties as well.

Australia offers a very modern, well-run health system, covering both private and public healthcare options, with diverse job opportunities in every state and territory. Whether you are looking to work in a large Teaching Hospital in and around the metro areas, or in a more General or Specialist Hospital, we will have several options for you. If your preference is working a little more regional or remote, we can offer you work in one of the country regions where there are many small to medium hospitals in each region covering both coastal inland and outback locations.

In addition to the competitive salaries on offer, Australia provides a safe environment to live and work in, with world-class education, housing, and transport networks. Typical earnings for SIMG’s, Specialist International Medical Graduates ( Consultants / Specialists ) are up to $450,000 in Year 1, going through to $600,00 in Year 2. ( Monday-Friday 40hours a week). Work-life balance tends to be way of life in Australia, offering beautiful coastal towns, vineyards, rural or remote communities, as well as the metropolitan buzz of urban living in cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, and Perth.

What you can expect from the International Team at Charterhouse Medical.

  1. At Charterhouse Medical, people are our priority. You can rest assured that we will value you as an individual from the moment you knock on our door. We are here to promote your skills and abilities and find you a position where you can reach—and exceed—your potential.

  2. We value diversity and actively work with our clients to ensure that all decisions are based on individual capability and merit.

  3. Priority placements by putting you in front of hiring managers faster.

  4. We are committed to your job search. We will use industry insights, our recruitment expertise, and our network of contacts (plus a few unconventional techniques) to ensure your next move is the best one.

  5. Hassle free - we will coordinate interviews, negotiate contracts, and assist with registration and visa needs when necessary.

  6. We love to communicate and understand the anxiety that may be caused by silence. We will contact you to let you know where you stand, every step of the way. When we have news, we will share it with you. And we invite you to keep us posted, too.

  7. We know that feedback is important to your job search, which is why we commit to providing in-depth, meaningful feedback on your interviews.

  8. At Charterhouse, we strive to be a recruitment agency you can trust, now and in the future.

  9. Our dedicated doctors migration lawyer will ensure you receive best, most up to date regulatory and migration advice.

  10. Considering a move to Australia ? This could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Our International Doctors Team would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with Dean on +61 02 9 641 2492 or e-mail dean.madigan@charterhousemedical.com