Australia is a great place to advance your career and enjoy a high quality of life.

Whilst I can’t guarantee you will be living like a character out of Home and Away in Summer Bay. (Let’s be honest, do you really want that much drama in your life!) Many of our Locums enjoy taking a walk or swim by the beach before their shift starts.

I compared my list of reasons why with ChatGPTs and they pretty much married up so I went with my list.

Investment in the Medical System:

Australia boasts a healthcare system that consistently ranks among the world's best. The country's universal healthcare program, known as Medicare, ensures that healthcare is accessible and affordable for all residents and citizens. Think of it like the NHS on steroids.

  • Universal healthcare program: Australia's universal healthcare program, known as Medicare, ensures that healthcare is accessible and affordable for all residents and citizens. Think of it like the NHS on steroids, but with a bit more sun and surf.

  • Collaboration between medical associations and the government: The Australian Medical Association (AMA) has a long-standing relationship with the Department of Health in ensuring Medicare compliance. This collaboration helps in maintaining the integrity of the healthcare system and addressing any challenges that may arise. It's like a never-ending game of "Doctor vs. Bureaucrat," but with the goal of providing the best care for patients.

  • Focus on future-proofing Medicare: The AMA supports recommendations calling for the future-proofing of Medicare, which involves adapting the healthcare system to meet the changing needs of the population. This focus on long-term planning and sustainability can be a valuable lesson for doctors in other countries, so they don't end up like those poor blokes still using fax machines in their practices.

  • Addressing complexity and challenges: The complexity of the Medicare system has been a topic of discussion in Australia. The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) has highlighted the need for increased funding and larger-scale reforms to guarantee access for patients. It's like trying to solve a Rubik's Cube while juggling stethoscopes, but hey, at least they're trying.

  • Investment in regional and rural healthcare: The Australian government recognises the importance of providing quality healthcare in regional and rural areas. As part of this commitment, doctors in these areas receive around 50% more funding compared to their urban counterparts. This investment in regional and rural healthcare can be a valuable lesson for doctors in other countries with similar challenges. It's like giving a fair go to those who live in the outback, where the only thing they have to worry about is the occasional kangaroo hopping through their waiting room.

Diverse Job Opportunities:

The is an amazingly strong demand for qualified medical practitioners. So, you have a choice of options:

  • Public hospitals: These are major employers of medical professionals, providing a wide range of opportunities for doctors in training and specialists.

  • Private clinics: Working in private practice can offer a more independent and flexible career, with the ability to focus on specific areas of interest and potentially higher earning potential.

  • Research institutions: Medical researchers play a crucial role in advancing healthcare and developing new treatments. Working in a research institution can involve a combination of clinical work and research activities.

  • Specialty training programs: Australia has a diverse range of medical specialties to choose from, and completing a recognized specialty training program can lead to a fellowship of the college and the opportunity to undertake additional sub-specialty training.

  • Medical education: Medical educators are responsible for training the next generation of doctors and can work in universities, hospitals, or other educational settings.

  • Medical administration: Medical administrators are involved in managing healthcare facilities, developing policies, and ensuring the efficient delivery of healthcare services.

  • Other medical specialties: Some other medical specialties in Australia include aged care, anaesthesia, palliative medicine, psychiatry, rehab medicine, and surgery.

  • Non-medical careers: While less common, MD graduates can also move into non-medical careers such as business consultancy, health policy, and government.

Competitive Salaries:

We value the skills and dedication you bring, so as a result we pay our Doctors well….5 out of the top 10 salaries in Australia are for Medical professionals.

I know the cost of living in big cities like Sydney is expensive but Junior Doctors earn over $150 per hour, so you will be able to pay down your student debt in no time.

Work-Life Balance:

Are you sick of the 80 hour weeks. The country encourages a healthy balance between work and leisure, and this approach significantly contributes to the well-being of healthcare professionals.

  • Flexibility, baby!: Locum doctors can choose when and where they work, giving them the freedom to create a schedule that works for them. They can take time off to enjoy life's little pleasures or pick up extra shifts to fund their next adventure.

  • Less admin, more fun: Compared to their permanent counterparts, locums often have fewer administrative tasks to worry about. This means more time for patient care and, of course, personal time to do whatever they please.

  • Jet-setters, unite!: Locum work offers the opportunity to travel and work in different locations. For doctors who love exploring new places, this is the ultimate gig. They can experience the best of Australia while getting paid to do what they love.

  • Cha-ching!: Locum doctors typically earn higher hourly rates than permanent doctors. This not only provides financial stability but also gives them the option to work fewer hours and enjoy more downtime. Who needs to be tied down to a full-time gig when you can make bank in less time?

  • Heroes in disguise: Locum doctors play a vital role in maintaining continuity of care, filling in the gaps when permanent doctors are on leave. They're like the superheroes of the medical world, swooping in to save the day and ensuring that patients are well taken care of. Plus, they give the permanent docs a chance to take a break and enjoy some well-deserved time off.

  • Endless opportunities: The demand for locum doctors is on the rise in Australia. This means there are plenty of job opportunities to choose from, so locums can be picky about the roles they take on. They can find the perfect balance between work and play, making their work-life balance the envy of all their colleagues.

Exceptional Quality of Life:

Australia is a great place to live, you don’t need to take my word for it….The UN rates it a top five country to live in and the World Happiness Report says Australia is one of the happiest places in the world.

So, whether you want to live by the beach in Bondi, a family home in Brisbane or work in frontier towns like Broome. Take back control of your life. Spend less time commuting and enjoy more time with your friends and family.

Outside of work, the world is your oyster. You can explore the great outdoors, eat in our amazing restaurants, have a BBQ in your own backyard or sample our award-winning wines.

High-Quality Education:

If you have a family and are interested in schools… Australia offers an outstanding educational system. The country is home to world-class universities and schools that can provide excellent educational opportunities for your children.

I can’t hide the fact we are a long way away. However, with technology and daily flights, it isn’t as far as you think.

My parents were disillusioned, overworked and, underpaid junior Doctors in the UK. I am immensely pleased that they bit the bullet and moved to Australia. They have been able to enjoy a lifestyle that many of their peers couldn’t dream of.

So, if you want to chat to the team about how Charthouse Medical can help you on your journey to Australia feel free to reach out.