Why Charterhouse Medical

Without brilliant people, we cannot do brilliant work. Here is our commitment to ensuring you the best possible service and outcomes.

At Charterhouse Medical, people are our priority. You can rest assured that we will value you as an individual from the moment you knock on our door. We are here to promote your skills and abilities and find you a position where you can reach—and exceed—your potential.

We value diversity and actively work with our clients to ensure that all decisions are based on individual capability and merit.

We are committed to your job search. We will use industry insights, our recruitment expertise, and our network of contacts (plus a few unconventional techniques) to ensure your next move is the best one.

We love to communicate and understand the anxiety that may be caused by silence. We will contact you to let you know where you stand, every step of the way. When we have news, we will share it with you. And we invite you to keep us posted, too.

We know that feedback is important to your job search, which is why we commit to providing in-depth, meaningful feedback on your interviews.

We advise on the best outcomes for you. We do not believe in ‘bums on seats’ and will never push you to consider a role that is not suitable for you.

At Charterhouse, we strive to be a recruitment agency you can trust, now and in the future.

For Charterhouse Locums

We commit to:

Consider you as a valuable member of our flexible workforce. As such, you will have access to a wide variety of benefits along with our permanent staff.

Ensure you are paid on time at a frequency to suit you: weekly, biweekly, or monthly. We will also give you direct access to our payroll team and shared services functions.

Provide you with information and access to your information quickly and efficiently.

Work closely with you to ensure your engagement is successful by seeking feedback from our clients and providing you with regular updates.

To us, it’s simple.  A well-supported and managed locum gives better patient outcomes.

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