COVID-19 has been a disastrous event and a defining point for many, especially for those working in healthcare. Despite numerous reports about the impact of the pandemic on healthcare professionals, less is known about the effects on locums and what challenges they face. The past two years of the COVID pandemic has placed healthcare professionals in a precarious position having a duty of care to work throughout this pandemic while dealing with their own mental wellbeing. The team at Charthouse Medical have seen the reality of the ups and downs experienced by all levels of the healthcare industry, but we see a shining light at the end of the tunnel

A positive from the ambiguous landscape we have faced is the increase in locum positions available across all specialties at very favourable rates to the locum worker. With that in mind though we realise that even before the pandemic, working as a locum had its challenges: new job, new location, new team. But because of the pandemic, even more issues have arisen with border closures and quarantine requirements frequently changing.

Optimism for 2022

As Australia enters the 'living with COVID' phase, we are hearing the narrative around the needs for the population to focus on hospitalisations, not case numbers. As we move through a state-by-state phase of the pandemic we know that at some point, the nation will come back together to go through the "living with COVID" phase as one. With vaccination rates high across Australia, we are excited to see the reality of short notice border closures, remembering them as a thing of the past and now preparing to plan your year work-life schedule with more certainty. 

Why Work as a Locum?

A career as a locum doctor offers exceptional personal and work-life balance. Locums have more control over their working hours and the type of work they engage in. Locum doctors can mix around shifts and create a schedule that works best for them. Working as a locum also provides a great opportunity for working holidays and chance to see the country which has been a challenge over the last 2 years. The news of a return to reliable travel is an elevated positive if your inner ravel bone has been itching, a career as a locum doctor provides the opportunity to work and travel.

Locuming is popular at all levels/stages of your career. The reason someone may choose to go locum will vary from person to person. Older, more experienced doctors may wish to have more flexibility in their lives, and do it for a work/life balance change. Younger doctors might do it for the experience or the travel. Some might do it for the extra money and others might do it as a way of working out what they want from their career or where they want to live permanently. 

We have locums who have completed their first 2-3 years and have chosen to take a year out to travel the country before starting their trainee position. Whether you are a Registrar/Consultant working full time and pick up a couple of shifts on your days off to supplement your income, or have decided on a career break to give yourself some flexibility and how much you want to work or simply want experience different hospital environments in different states, the team at Charterhouse can help with all of this.

Why Charterhouse Medical?

Charterhouse is a leading Australian recruitment company for the medical industry and works with you to achieve your goals for your next locum position. Our recruitment specialists recruit for many sectors within the medical industry including Anaesthetists, Emergency Medicine jobs, General Medicine, General Practice jobs, General Surgery, ICU, Obstetrics and Gynaecology jobs, Paediatrics jobs, Psychiatry jobs, Radiology, Allied Health jobs, Cardiology and more. Specialising in Permanent and Contract recruitment, As a proven leader in medical recruitment throughout Australia our team is able to provide a whole range of unique opportunities including placements in rural and remote communities, detention centres, military bases and corporate settings, there is something for everyone.

What you can expect from our team

·       Work with experienced recruiters who know their markets

·       Work across all states - public and private sectors

·       Earn Qantas points for every weekly timesheet submitted 

·       Feel secure knowing you have a support team who will work with you on your travel and accommodation preferences, also will pre-fill as much of the paperwork as they can for you 


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