Eamon Murray

How long have you been with Charterhouse?

“I’ve been here just over two years. I started in February 2016.”

What is your current role?

“I’m a senior principal consultant working with the General Practice team. I place GPs in positions, mainly in NSW, across the whole state.”

What is the best thing about working here?

“In all honesty, I believe it’s the people we work alongside that make it a great place to work. It’s a happy environment and everyone buzzes off one another. There’s a good social aspect here, too, where everyone is made to feel welcome.”

If you reflect on your time with Charterhouse, what have you had the opportunity to learn?

“You are allowed to work independently – there’s no micro management, but support is still there should you need it. Everyone is very approachable here at all levels, including our CEO Jason. Coming over here from the UK, I’ve also learnt a lot about the Australian market and how it operates.”

What’s your team like?

“Fantastic! I work alongside two other lads, Steffan and Stuart. Again, we all work independently, although we sometimes work alongside one another on certain roles. We’re fairly like-minded and able to lean on one another. I think we’re cohesive in terms of the way we operate, which is nice.”

What support do you receive to enable you to be better at your role?

“We have weekly meetings with our director. David is someone who has worked his way up at Charterhouse. He was initially in the GP team, and we can lean on him whenever we need. In terms of the market learning, we can lean on colleagues or Jason our CEO, who is very approachable and knowledgeable. Support is there if you need it. I think people are aware of that.”

How would you describe the culture here?

“It’s not like anywhere I’ve worked before. It’s a fairly large office and there’s always a buzz around it. Everyone gets on. I enjoy spending time with people at work and outside of work.”

What is it about recruitment that you love?

“It’s very rewarding placing permanent positions or contract positions. We’re changing and benefitting people’s lives. I enjoy spending time finding out about someone’s dream position and then helping it happen. It’s great when it pays off. For me, recruitment is very rewarding financially, too.”

What gets you up each and every morning and on the way to work?

“Each day is different. There’s always a new challenge, a new job to sell, a new doctor to find. If you are someone who likes targets and to push yourself, it’s quite easy to get out of bed in the morning.”

If you could sum up the Sydney office in a sentence . . . ?

“All round it’s a great place to work, from the people to the role itself, and the location where we work, right on the harbour.”

What would be the one piece of advice you would give someone starting at Charterhouse?

“Enjoy it. Work hard and you’ll reap rewards.”

If you’ve worked with other recruitment firms, what does Charterhouse do better than anyone else?

“I’ve worked in a sales environment in different recruitment firms and it can be highly competitive. At Charterhouse, everyone likes to see one another do well. We share in one another’s successes. Plus, we recruit the right people!”


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