Aimie Greenfield

How long have you been with Charterhouse?

“Over three years. I joined in March 2015.”

What is your current role?

“I’m a senior recruitment consultant, working with mental health doctors in our Psychiatry team. I place doctors in specific roles, particularly specialists but also junior doctors. I work with another colleague to cover the whole of Australia.”

What is the best thing about working here?

“The people. I’m so lucky to work with such a talented and fun bunch! I relocated here from the UK and stepped out of my comfort zone, so it was important to find and work with great people.”

If you reflect on your time with Charterhouse, what have you had the opportunity to learn?

“I’ve learnt that recruitment in general is the best way to set yourself up for life. If you work hard, you will reap the benefits 100%. That’s been the biggest learning curve for me. Charterhouse offer plenty of recognition if you do well.”

What’s your team like?

“I have the BEST team! I work in the medical team of around 20 consultants and support staff. We are all so supportive and bounce off each other. There’s never a dull moment and I’ve made great friends for life.”

What support do you receive to enable you to be better at your role?

Charterhouse are excellent recruiters at all levels – skilled, experienced recruiters and managers, who are approachable and happy to help across the floor. And they truly want everyone to succeed. I think we’re also very lucky to have a full support team, who make our lives much easier on a day-to-day basis.”

How would you describe the culture here?

“Good! We work with diverse people from all over the world, who enjoy having a good time. Charterhouse run incentives and reward success well. We host the best Christmas party and also get involved in very worthy charities. And there are Friday night drinks on the balcony overlooking the Opera House – that’s always a plus!”

What is it about recruitment that you love?

“Recognition for hard work. Once I’ve reached set goals, I want to remain a successful recruiter and be recognised for it, whether that’s financial or being part of incentive trips. Charterhouse do incentive trips well. I’ve been fortunate to make a trip to Tokyo already, and I’m currently on track to head to Hawaii at the end of May.”

What gets you up each and every morning and on the way to work?

“I am money driven and really enjoy the environment that I work in. I work with a great bunch of people.”

If you could sum up the Sydney office in a sentence . . . ?

“Charterhouse Sydney is a diverse, fun and happy place to work with highly talented recruiters, leadership, and support staff.”

What would be the one piece of advice you would give someone starting at Charterhouse?

“Embrace every training opportunity and apply yourself from day one, bounce off every team member and, without fail, you will succeed.”

If you’ve worked with other recruitment firms, what does Charterhouse do better than anyone else?

“We don’t have strict KPIs or ridiculous pressure. We are trusted by management to perform. Everyone’s voice is heard, whether you are an administrator, cleaner or the highest performing consultant. That is very refreshing and highly motivating.”


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