Charterhouse Medical are currently looking to speak with any doctors thinking of undertaking locum work in Australia in the upcoming clinical year and who require visa sponsorship to do so. 


We caught up with Oliver Tenwick, Manager at Charterhouse Medical to get the information you'll need to know.

What are the benefits of undertaking locum work? 
Some of the benefits of working as a locum doctor include:

  • Increased Earning Potential - Locum roles typically pay $90-120/hour (RMO), $100-130/hour (SRMO) & $115-200/hour (Registrar)
  • Increased Flexibility - You can decide what types of rosters you wish to work and manage your workload in respect to when you want to pick up shifts
  • Opportunity To Travel Australia - We supply to all 8 territories/states within Australia and locum work is a great way to explore Australia
  • Exposure to Different Health Networks - As well as travelling, locum work can provide you with the opportunity to work in different health systems, more rural locations, etc.
  • Exposure to Different Specialties / Areas - Locum placements can be arranged within various specialties (& sub-areas of these specialties) that you have a keen interest in and would either like to get more experience within, or try out for the first time.

Why Charterhouse Medical? 

  • We aim to provide a personalised service - upon registering with Charterhouse Medical, you will be assigned a Recruitment Consultant specialising in your main area of interest.
  • We are an approved supplier to all major public health networks within Australia.
  • We operate across all medical specialties and levels of doctors.
  • We have a dedicated travel and compliance team that handles all paperwork, travel and accommodation for locum bookings 
  • We have a separate payroll department, which means that we can process your pay (a requirement from certain hospitals). 
  • We are an approved visa sponsor and have been successfully sponsoring doctors over a number of years.

Visa Sponsorship 

What types of visas can Charterhouse assist with? 
We can assist with transferring existing 482 visas, lodging new 482 visas and potentially provide a pathway/opportunity for permanent residency. 

What are the requirements for sponsorship? 
Each case will be different, but the main requirement is for the doctor to hold General Registration with AHPRA as this is a pre-requisite for undertaking locum work. 
If you are considering undertaking locum work next year and have General Registration pending or an application due to be lodged, this is fine to begin with.

What is the process? 
The first stage would be to have your situation assessed by our nominated migration agent who works independently of Charterhouse. Once this assessment has been completed, we would share this with you and discuss what options are available to yourself and which option would be best for you. In conjunction with this, we would discuss the locum market and job prospects in more detail (e.g. pay rates, roles, etc) so that you can make an informed decision on the best course of action for yourself. 

What is the processing time for visas? 
We can arrange this as quickly as required and transfer / lodge new visas within a matter of weeks. 

What are the costs involved for the doctor? 
As a general rule, Charterhouse Medical would cover all costs associated with the visa transfer and lodgement of new 482 visas. For 186 visa nominations, a cost breakdown will be provided at the outset if this is something that would be of interest. 

What about family members being included on the visa? 
This would be assessed on a case by case basis, but family members can be included on any applications. Please note that costs associated with family members may need to be covered by the doctor. 

Does sponsorship lead to Permanent Residency? 
We can offer a pathway to Permanent Residency through the 186 visa - this will depend on the doctor's eligibility and we can advise on this once our migration agent has assessed and reviewed the doctor's situation. 

Are there any formal contracts regarding commitment to locum work? 
We would expect the doctor to undertake locum work through Charterhouse for the duration of the visa. In terms of the locum contracts undertaken, this would be at the discretion of the doctor and we would work closely with yourself to ensure that we are finding suitable opportunities. We are also happy for the doctor to take breaks as/when needed and would work with the doctor to plan locum work around any other commitments.

Next Steps

Interested in Discussing Further?
To register your interest please email with an overview of your current situation & contact details and either myself or a member of our team will endeavour to get back in touch with yourself within 24 hours to get things started.

Referral Scheme 
Know someone else who might be interested in this opportunity? If so, we would love to hear from them! We offer a referral bonus payable upon completion of the first placement for any doctor referred to ourselves who has not worked for Charterhouse Medical in the past 12 months.

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