Charterhouse Australia has been recognised as a great place to work by the global authority on work culture

Tuesday 22nd June 2021

Charterhouse Australia has been officially certified as a ‘Great Place To Work’. As the global authority on work culture, this award reflects the mutual recognition all our team members share on the positive experiences they enjoy at the organisation.

"This incredible accolade has been many years in the making at Charterhouse Australia. We've worked from the ground up to champion our employees and in return they've unequivocally endorsed us as a Great Place To Work' - that's what this certification is all about. Think big, achieve bigger - that's us in a nutshell" ~ Renata Bradnock, Group HR Manager 

With flexible work arrangements and a laser-focus on progression, our hybrid workforce is now represented across 3 key cities in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Our strategies and programs are aimed at making our workforce feel right at home while they kick goals and develop their own careers.


Health & Wellbeing At The Top of The List
The Charterhouse Australia creed is: Eat right. Move right. Sleep right. Think right. We believe firmly in our responsibility for the wellbeing of our teams both whilst they’re at work and elsewhere. Our forward-thinking Wellbeing strategy includes: 

  • a healthy eating program
  • work-life balance initiatives
  • promoting physical activity
  • mental health awareness & support
  • a physical health program
  • financial management support
  • stress management support
  • awareness around sleep & fatigue


Office Spaces You Won’t Want To Leave
Charterhouse boasts stunning modern offices in Sydney & Melbourne. The new Sydney occupies an entire floor and is located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. Our employees in Sydney enjoy a light-filled, open-plan space with every modern convenience including:

  • modern meeting rooms throughout every area in the office for in person and virtual meetings.
  • fully equipped change rooms to cater for our team’s active and social lifestyles.
  • a communal hub in the centre of the offices including casual meeting spaces, a fully catered kitchen with free-flowing coffee, fruit and health snacks.


Career Progression At Charterhouse & Beyond
From your first day at Charterhouse Australia, you know your career is moving forward. This starts with the excellent on-board training and regular in-house development sessions. And it continues with all of our employees having access to one of Australia’s leading learning institutions, the Australian Institute of Management. At Charterhouse we champion our team members to progress within the organisation and develop their career skills on the way.


Rewards & Recognition – Think Big. Achieve Bigger
Imagine working for an organisation that inducts you into their ‘Hall of Fame’. The Charterhouse Excellence Awards is a quarterly award program to recognise team members' extraordinary attributes and contributions to the company. Winners must exemplify one or more of our Charterhouse principles. These include 1) adding value 2) demonstrating the profession 3) diversity and inclusion 4) facilitating remarkable experiences. We also champion work anniversaries and important life milestones for our team members on a weekly basis.


A Top Shelf Learning & Development Program
One of the hallmarks of a Charterhouse Australia employees is their up-skilling progression. It’s not just the internal training programs overseen personally by CEO Jason Darbyshire and Group HR Manager Renata Bradnock. Team members receive complimentary training at one of the country’s leading learning faculties: the Australian Institute of Management. Even better, each employee gets to choose their own courses to upskill with.


Caring For Communities
Charterhouse Australia partners with purpose with key local, national and international community programs. We encourage our teams to devote a portion of their work time to support our range of initiatives. From planting trees to caring for sick kids, some of our recent charitable partners are:

  • Red Cross Australia
  • LifeLine Australia with #ThePushUpChallenge
  • Westmead Children’s Hospital


Did We Mention Employee Benefits?
Okay so every organisation spruiks the benefits of working for them. We don’t think many can say they give their employees 5 weeks annual leave & 2 days charity leave every year. Oh and of course our team members get their birthdays off too so they can celebrate in style. These are just some of the benefits that make Charterhouse a Great Place To Work.


Diversity & Equality Live Here
At the heart of our values lives diversity, equality and inclusion. Charterhouse Australia is a proud member of the Diversity Council. We promote equality within our organisation. We believe every person — regardless of gender, age, race, ability and cultural background — has unique talents, skills and potential. We respect and represent who they are, without labels, bias or judgment, and we encourage our clients to do the same.



Without brilliant people, we cannot do brilliant work. We value our people, like we value our clients and candidates. We commit to understanding needs, skills, abilities, unique talents and personalities so we can do our greatest work together. Charterhouse Australia is ‘Great Place To Work’ certified.

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