My name is Sheldon Rogers and I am a recruitment consultant specialising in Intensive Care & Anaesthetics

The reason I’m writing this blog (my first one!) is because I thought it was important to share the story of someone who has successfully transitioned from military life in the Royal Australian Navy to corporate life in the recruitment industry.

I want to start by acknowledging just how lucky I am, and to say that I do not take for granted how quickly things have progressed in the last 3 months, given the most recent figures on veteran unemployment being at 30.2 percent, more than five times the national average.


In February I was driving warships up and down the Great Barrier Reef, and in May I started my first day in corporate employment.


Why recruitment?

It wasn’t something I had thought seriously about until I had a conversation with Will Lewis at With You With Me.

With You With Me are an organisation that connects ex-defence force talent to Australia's business leaders.

I approached him when I first thought of discharging and he asked me a very simple question “What do you want to do?” and I imagine, like other veterans when thinking about the end of their career, it’s a very open and if you’re under prepared, a very confronting question. I didn’t have a complete answer for him, but what I could tell him was “I can talk to anyone, about anything. I’m a left of centre extrovert with no fear”. The first word out of Will’s mouth was “Recruitment”.

Why Charterhouse?

For me it was a gut feeling, a little luck and some determination.

 I was fortunate enough to be offered a place in an event arranged by With You With Me. Effectively like speed dating, for recruiters.  I’ll be honest, I wasn’t 100 percent sure what I would be walking into, but I did know that once I stepped into the office that there was a familiar feeling. Having been given a tour of the space and speaking to some of the directors and management staff, I found there was actually more in common between this place and the Navy than I could have possibly imagined.

It sounds strange, because an open plan office and a bridge of a warship are two very different places, but the people, the banter and the culture meant it didn’t seem too different at all.

Starting at Charterhouse has been absolutely seamless. My regularly scheduled meetings with HR, as part of the induction process, has answered all my questions and addressed any concerns. My desk was set up with all the tools I’d need from day one and so much thought had gone into my transition, with zero recruitment experience. Even down to positioning my desk between the two of the best recruiters in the medical business. Everything was deliberate, strategic and considered.

My experience here so far is scarcely believable. I’ve been made to feel so welcomed and supported here, that I often have to reality check myself. I think the true testament as to how well I’ve been brought in and up to speed, is that on day nineteen in the recruitment business I have been able to put my first billing on the board.

This isn’t about wanting to sell Charterhouse, for me this is an opportunity to reflect on the past three months and acknowledge the people who opened the door for me. Thank you Will, David, Jason, Daniel and Eamon. It has been a life changing move.