Let’s be upfront about this: Working in rural and remote Australia is not for everyone. In some of the most geographically isolated areas, you may be expected to work autonomously with limited medical equipment. There may be no mobile phone reception or Wifi; electricity could be in short supply and water may be delivered by road train.

At the same time, roles in rural and remote Australia can offer medical professionals some of the most rewarding experiences of their career. You will experience the full breadth of medicine, with exposure to a range of clinical presentations. You will be expected to work as an all-rounder regardless of your speciality. And you will help to make a difference to a community that really needs and values your services.

We offer both locum and permanent roles – mainly for GPs, surgeons and anaesthetists – in rural and remote settings across Australia. Locum placements can vary from one week to around three months in duration, depending on our client’s needs. We also offer fly-in-fly-out roles and one week on/one week off positions in certain locations.

We will provide you with clear information about what to expect and can often put you in contact with doctors who have previously worked in the location. Once you have secured the position, our team will assist with travel arrangements and accommodation so you can focus on delivering quality care to those who need it.