Our Sydney office recently had a curry competition (which was slightly competitive!) to raise funds for Ronald McDonald House at Randwick. 

Ronald McDonald House Charities have accomodation attached to major women's or children's hospitals and provide a home away from home for seriously ill children and their families and carers. When families have to travel far from home to receive medical care for their sick child, finding affordable accommodation in an unfamiliar city only adds to their stress and anxiety.  So when families’ lives have been turned upside down, Ronald McDonald House offer a warm, welcoming place to stay that is supportive and understanding. A little bit of normal when life is disrupted, painful, and confusing.

Their amazing staff and volunteers aim to lighten the families’ load and to ensure that they are offered the help and support they need to be able to focus on what really matters – their family.

The funds our Sydney office raised were used to put together generous hampers of Easter craft supplies along with nature's best medicine, chocolate. The gifts were so delightfully received and the reward for our staff was immediate and the impression is lasting.  

Supporting seriously ill children